Velua® was founded in 2010 by Sander van Waaij. Sander started with the sales of consumer electronics and energy saving gadgets. After a period of time, it was possible to extend the range of products with luxury consumer goods. Daily work became too much for one person and Arjan van Waaij entered the company and became a partner.

The assortment of product of Velua® consists of luxury goods for home and garden like gate openers, garagedoor openers and energy saving electric heaters. During spring and summer we are also busy with barbecues and bike carriers for campers and caravans.

In 2011 we started selling labeling products via a number of B2B webshops and since then we have become an important provider of labeling solutions for an increasing number of companies and organisations.

In 2014 we started our search for new possibilities to extend our company. This has lead to the acquisition of “De Oude Tafel” (The Old Table). De Oude Tafel sells and produces new tables that are build from old wood. The tables are sold to households and offices. We do many special projects. We have a number of great suppliers where skilled craftsmen create unique and beautiful tables.